click to download as pdfFireworker now available on the app store An iPhone/iPad Game by Danny Parker and Geoff Gunning

Fireworker Out now on the iOS Apple App Store
for iPhone and iPad.

Help the fireworker create the best firework display in this speedy action packed game. Draw the paths for the fireworks before their fuse runs out, and explode the firework as high as possible for maximum points, but don't cross the shockwaves!

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No more scorched fingers.. no more burning eyebrows.. Fireworker is here to help. 

He'll take the pain out of all your firework placing needs.. carrying, lighting, and placing every firework in your display. But he won't stop.. not ever. 

It's up to you to draw paths into the air to launch your fireworks and choose the safest place in the sky to explode each one. The higher the better.. fill the sky with colour and create the longest, biggest firework display ever seen.. just make sure you keep up with Fireworker. 

✔ Intuitive, tactile path drawing gameplay 

✔ Hi res graphics for retina display 

✔ Beat your best score or compete online with Game Centre integrated leaderboards.

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A Game by Danny Parker and Geoff Gunning

Made for your enjoyment in Dundee, Scotland.